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Hi, my name is Richard.

I specialize in Life Coaching for men.

Through my experiences with life and men, I have learned that men have a need to work through issues, just as I did.   The issues may be self relationship such as self esteem and guilt,  money, work, friends, and women.

For example, one need is in relationship to women.  I have often thought that most men deep, down inside are afraid of women.  They don’t understand them easily and often go with what they hear from others and society, or what they learned from their mothers.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is my experience with women colored by anxiety?
  • Am I afraid of losing or sense I am losing my power to women on important issues, unable to express myself clearly and calmly?
  • Would I like to create a healthy relationship with women?

I am here to support you in your relationship with yourself and with women, your business and in your life experiences.  I can help you gain back power you feel you have given away.  I am here to support you so you can gain clarity and peace of mind in your life with self and in your life experiences, and help you meet your goals.

Together, we will create a master plan so that you can move through phases of your life with confidence and ease.

So, contact me now for a free introductory coaching session.

Richard Stubbs
Life Coach
Tel. (203) 679-9440